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Wednesday, 25 January, 2006
Really getting hammered by spam comments
by nate

Wow, I haven't seen a spamming like this in a while. In the last hour I've seen 81 spam comments from 62 different IP addresses. They are all the same text, links to buying perscription drugs. Oh, make that 83 comments from 64 different IP addresses.


nate said on Jan 25 at 11:05 p.m.:

Comments disabled

I remembered how turning off the "add COREBlog comments" security bit disables all commenting, so I turned that on. I don't really want to have to dig around my blog to find all of the comment spam and delete it. I think I got everything for now. What a pain!

Peg said on Jan 27 at 07:37 p.m.:

what's the matter Nate don't need free trials of cialis or viagra? Ha Peg

nate said on Jan 28 at 06:34 p.m.:

Comments Moderated

The spam storm seems to have passed for now. I've turned comments on, but they are moderated. I'll make your comments public after I've read them.