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Sunday, 5 February, 2006
Images from Radiological Testing
by heather

When I had my MRIs and CT scans done in NY, they gave me a disc of the images. I've edited and uploaded some for your viewing pleasure. These are not photographs so they shouldn't upset your blood and guts!

The first image is a MRI of my brain. I've labeled the key areas and will describe them here.

The Chiari Malformation is the major problem that I have. The part that is outlined is an 'extra' amount of cerebellar tonsil matter. It sits down too far and was putting pressure on my spinal cord (from the back) and the back of my skull. In April 2005, I had decompression surgery to hopefully eleviate this pressure. Here is an image from the 3D CT scan that was done. It shows the portions of bone that were removed during my decompression surgery.

The Retroflexed Odontoid (shown in the MRI) is a small bone near C1 that, in my case, is pointing in the wrong direction. It should be straight up-and-down. Mine leans in towards the spinal cord. This problem was found by TCI when I went in November and it, along with cervical instability is one of the things they will try to fix with my upcomming surgery. My cervical instability is due in part from the decompression surgery and the fact that I have a slight case of EDS (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome - it effects connective tissue).

Something else shown in the MRI is a pocket of fluid that sits just behind the area where the bone was removed. The docs at TCI are a bit puzzled with this pocket of fluid. They aren't sure what its from and won't know what to do to fix it until they get in there and look around. They are suspecting that there is a tiny CSF (Cerebral spinal fluid) leak in my dura, which they will repair if that's the case.


diane abbott said on Mar 31 at 03:47 p.m.:

hi was very interested in ur mri and stuff,what symptoms made u seek help?and i hope whatever it was is now sorted,good luck and i think u have been very brave love.di

Jen said on Oct 9 at 06:03 p.m.:

Hi Heather
I have had Chiari surgery 2 and my 16 yr old daughter just had it done less then a year ago however she is still having a few issues and one of the things is that her odontoid bone is transversed as well what hae they done to fix that for you and has it helped. Did you have any syptoms related to the throat re asthma funny voice sick alot?

Thank you