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Friday, 24 February, 2006
Now running digital and accelerated
by nate

After upgrading to the latest Debian Sid I found that it only supported the latest nVidia driver. Unfortunately I found that the latest nVidia driver no longer supports my aging TNT2 video card. So for the last few weeks I was running the nv driver which locked up several times (SIGALRM storm) or the vesa driver which was really slow. :(

I'm running an old slot 1 motherboard that only supports AGP 2x. After doing some research I didn't think any of the recent 8x AGP cards would work so I asked if anyone in the TCLUG had an old video card that I could have. Samir came through with an ATI Radeon 9200. I didn't think it would work since it had 8x stamped on the board, but my machine is happy with it and I have it running with accelerated open source drivers. :) As a bonus, this card has DVI and it looks GREAT!


Samir M. Nassar said on Mar 8 at 06:24 p.m.:


I am glad the card works for you, and I am happy DVI is clear as well.