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Friday, 3 March, 2006
New Record time
by heather

We broke our record of amount of time in the hospital today. I was there for over 7 hours and walked out almost as bad as when I walked in. When I first got there, they were going to give me a liter of Mt.Dew. They then decided that IV meds would be better. After the IV meds and some fluids that didn't help, they told me that I could have another blood patch. By that time I was too nervous about it and decided that I'd rather wait it out unless it gets worse. Just the idea of another blood patch makes me want to cry. Plus, I've had chronic pain for so long, what's another headache? I've decided that I'm just going to lay low for the next couple days and drink lots of fluids. If it does get worse, I'll go in and insist on some anti-anxiety medicine before the blood patch. I just hope that this anxiety about medical procedures goes away before my surgery on Monday!


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