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Friday, 3 March, 2006
Good News
by heather

We got some good news today. We got a spot in the Variety house for next week. The Variety house is sort of like a Ronald MacDonald house, for adults. Its a small house across from the hospital that patients can stay at for free. It only has 4 rooms, so we didn't really expect to get a spot, but are very happy we did! We'll go there on Sunday evening and stay until we fly home. Well, Nate will stay there. I'll be in the hospital most of the time after Monday :(


Anna said on Mar 4 at 02:26 a.m.:

I am scheduled for a craniocervical fusion and chiari decompression in May or earlier if someone cancels. I will also be at TCI. How did you manage to get that spot at Variety House, my parents could really use it. I wish You well on Monday and I will continue to follow your postings. Best Wishes!