News about Nathan and Heather Straz

Tuesday, 7 March, 2006
Surgery went well
by nate

Just passing on that Heather's surgery went well. She got a late start because they didn't have her charts ready for admissions, but they were closing up by 2 o'clock. I was able to see her around 5:30pm last night and she was awake and talking. She stayed the night in the PACU. She should be moved today to the surgical ICU.

I talked to Dr. Milhorat briefly. He said the surgery went well and that Heather will be 3/4 of an inch taller. I need to quiz him on the details and I'll pass those along as soon as I get them.

P.S. I'm currently sitting at a bus stop using an access point named "Brody." Thanks, Brody. :)


Amanda & Pat said on Mar 7 at 12:53 p.m.:

Yay! Tell Heather we are thinking good thoughts just for her! The big bad part is behind her!!!!

Uncle Tom and Aunt Cheryl said on Mar 7 at 06:40 p.m.:

We're so glad Heather's surgery went well. It is certainly an answer to prayer. We will pray for her continued recovery and relief of her headaches.

Kathy Grover said on Mar 8 at 08:08 p.m.:

Dear Heather,

So glad to hear all is going well. We look forward to a daily update from Linda. Your in thoughts and prayers each day.

Aunt Kathy & Uncle Dave

Hannah said on Dec 10 at 03:18 p.m.:


I found your blog through google. i was looking of somebodys personal blog because articles on the surgery seem to sugar coat things a bit. i'm 15 and also a patient of TCI. i'm having this surgery in late january/early feb. (there not set on a date yet because of an upcoming dexa scan) anyways, i just really wanted to thank you, reading about the surgery from a first hand experience has really helped calm my fears. I hope you feel better soon !!!(those low pressure headaches for lack of a better word really suck)

Thanks again, hannah