News about Nathan and Heather Straz

Wednesday, 8 March, 2006
Moved to the NSICU
by nate

Heather was moved to the Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit last night around 6pm. They call this the "step down" unit from the PACU. She was delayed getting there because they had to do a blood patch Tuesday morning to fix the low pressure headache she had over the weekend. They couldn't do it during her surgery because she has to be awake when they do it.

I got to visit Heather last night from 8:30 to 9:30 in the NSICU. She was sitting up and eating. She was able to eat some sweet potato and chocolate pudding for dinner. We called a few people last night and Heather was able to talk to her Mom for a while.

We were surprised to find last night that cable TV isn't included in the hospital rooms. There was a video on the TV system telling us how to order it. It didn't list the price there but they said you could buy cards in the gift shop to give one day of cable TV. I thought I could read "a $7 value" on the card. $7/day for cable TV! What a rip off! NSUH -1.


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