News about Nathan and Heather Straz

Wednesday, 8 March, 2006
Heather in the NSICU
by nate

I got to talk to Dr. B and Denise (the PA) today. They said that the goal for today is to keep the swelling down and flush Heather's system out. Dr. B said it would be "Stevie Wonder" therapy. He then proceeded to show us what he meant by moving his head around wildly like Stevie Wonder would. I am charged with massaging Heather's neck and back with "any pathetic technique possible."

Here's a picture of Heather sitting up in a chair. That's Dr. B making fun of Heather's new hairdo. They held her hair up in an Ace bandage during surgery. Just after this picture was taken, Dr. B placed a plastic cup over her hair.



Linda Watson said on Mar 9 at 08:21 a.m.:


Hi. It's Linda from choir. I have been gone for a few days and checked in on you when I returned. Sounds like things are going well. Nice hair! I will be at choir tonight and will pass on how you are doing. My thoughts and prayers have been said for you. Hope to see you back in Minnesota soon.

God Bless.

Jennifer Merrill said on Mar 9 at 10:39 a.m.:

Wow Heather, love the hair....! Thankful to see you are doing well....NATE: get those hands ready!

Amanda & Pat said on Mar 9 at 05:29 p.m.:

Wow, love the do! Hope things are going well!!!