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Friday, 10 March, 2006
Wireless in my new room
by heather

When Nate came to visit this morning, we tried out the computer to see if by chance we have a connection, and we do! So, I'm sitting here in bed typing for the first time.

I'm feeling so much better than yesterday. I've been up out of bed twice and I'm looking forward to a walk around the hall now that Nate is here to help me. I was actually able to eat all my oatmeal for breakfast this morning. I think that the more I can move around and the better I can eat today, I'll be feeling much better tomorrow.


Cam said on Mar 10 at 12:22 p.m.:

Well guys...........glad to hear as though things are on the up and up.........can't be too long now before we'll see you back here.......

not too much going on.........last week was funny.......i "tried" to cancel our game against bob reichenbah, but he wouldnt let me.......too many teams have canceled so he said find 3 subs or he would find them for me........

so lisa hilton subbed with her bf (who skips a super league team).........but i was still on a one man mission to lose the game.......I think i was 1 for 7 on takeouts ;-)......but we won on skip stones (no one wanted to play the extra end).......

alright.......hope all goes well........

talk to you later, eh

Patti Korbet said on Mar 10 at 01:35 p.m.:

Glad to hear things are going well, Heather. Matt and I have been rooting for you! We'll think good thoughts and send them your way. Miss you!


Leslie said on Mar 10 at 04:02 p.m.:

Yippee - from part of your MN cheering section! Glad to read that you are feeling much better today. We all miss you (including the girlies) and can't wait for you to get back!

Krista said on Mar 10 at 09:29 p.m.:

Hope you are getting lots of rest... Your strength is an inspiration!

Wendy said on Mar 10 at 09:56 p.m.:

Hey Heather,
Glad to see things are going well for you! I was so glad to hear that you didn't need the shunt! YAY! Did you have just the fusion done, or did you have to have the revision too? You're lookin' mighty good already! Hope to see you back in MN soon! Take care,