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Monday, 13 March, 2006
Progress with Django
by nate

My experimentation with Django has gone really well. I created a simple blog application with a structure similar to COREBlog. I am able to import all of my COREBlog entries and comments. I really want to convert my Zope and COREBlog site over to Apache and Django. I have a few small things to get done and one looming problem.

  • Add a comment form and display comments
  • Make the site look good
  • Figure out how to migrate and handle images

That last bullet is causing me some trouble. In COREBlog I was using Zope's acquisition to find images and all links to images where relative. I am able to pull all of the images out of the ZODB and I created an Attachment model to associate the images to the entries. It worked great when you viewed the entries in detail but using relative URLs cause the images to not show up when viewing a list of entries.

I guess I need to do some research on how other weblog software handles images. I want it really easy to add images to entries. I may need to adjust my position that images are directly attached to the entries.


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