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Monday, 1 May, 2006
Its sunny somewhere, right?
by heather

Today is the 4th straight day with rain in the beautiful Twin Cities and the 5-day forcast is not calling for any sun. Good thing I have a grow light for my little plants. Perhaps I'll sit under it for a while and get some sun.

Yesterday I bought some more seeds. Since I transplanted my herb seedlings last week, its time to start some new seeds. I am going to put Morning Glories in my rock beds out front. They will have the railing to the entryway to climb up. I loved the 'Milky Way' variety but wanted a bit more color, so I will also plant some of the 'Burpee's Mix'. I also couldn't turn down the Zinnia seeds. I love having cut flowers in the house and Zinnia's make a great cut flower!

/media/images/milkeyway.gif /media/images/morningglory.gif /media/images/zinnia.gif


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