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Tuesday, 13 June, 2006
Too Many Doctors
by heather

I'm beginning to think that I have too many doctors and that they are all missing links to the 'Big Picture' of my health.

I have been seeing an endrocrinologist since 2000 when I was diagnosed with Graves Disease. Graves antibodies mess with the functions of the thyroid. I had an overactive thyroid making my metabolism speed up and my heart race. I wouldn't mind living with the faster metabolism (could stay skinny that way), but the racing heart was anoying and could be dangerous. In 2005 I had my thyroid treated with Radio Active Iodine, which basically kills off the thyroid cells. I'll be on replacement for the rest of my life. Not a major deal!

I have a neurologist and neurosurgeon treating my chiari malformation. They also treat the other conditions that go along with chiari.

Since my surgery in March, I've had some heart symptoms and blood pressure issues. So, I went to yet another doctor, a cardiologist. I had a slew of tests, all came back normal except that my heart rate jumps and my blood pressure drops...I could have told the doctor that! I do have a follow-up with the cardiologist on Thursday though so we'll see what she has to suggest.

So, will I ever learn if there is a connection between all my medical issues? Or more importantly, will the doctors ever find the 'cure all'? We'll see...


denise mcginley said on Nov 30 at 03:45 p.m.:

I was searching for something else and ran across your blog. Many of the symptoms you describe...the chiari, the fatigue, the POTS (BP &HR changes) are common in ehlers danlos syndrome. I have not been able to locate the spot which I saw in the site preview that said you have a little bit of EDS, but either you have it or you don''s a question of hoe severe your symptoms become. Suggest going to the EDNF website! Good luck