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Friday, 25 March, 2005
Failed upgrade
by nate
Last night I tried to upgrade a hard drive in candle, my web/file/dns/mail server. Candle is a Pentium 233 MMX that I've been using since 1998. The 20 GB drive with my home directories is 95% full and I have an 80 GB drive I can replace it with. I installed the 80 GB drive, booted the system and copied everything from the 20 to the 80. Then I removed the 20 and couldn't get the system to recognize the 80 anymore. I tried for several hours last night and this morning to get it to work with no success. Candle is back in service with the original 20 GB drive. My next attempt at an upgrade will probably replace the entire system.


nate said on Mar 26 at 09:29 a.m.:

I did some searching around and found you can get a Dell PowerEdge SC420 for under $300. It's a 2.5GHz Celeron w/ 256MB of RAM (same as candle has now) and a 160GB hard drive. I talked it over with Heather and she let me order one. I hope to get it next week and I'll perform the upgrade on candle next weekend. Let's hope for rain.

heather said on Mar 26 at 07:25 p.m.:

Let's NOT hope for rain! Remember, I have a new bike that doesn't want to sit idle in the garage. :)

You can do computer work when its nice out...while I'm out enjoying the spring weather and my new bike.