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Friday, 11 August, 2006
Doctor's recommendations
by heather

Okay, Okay, sorry for the delay. I haven't written about the outcome of my doctors appointment in NY mostly because I'm not too happy with it. We drove 1400 miles to hear something that could have been said over the phone. Basically, the doctor thinks its too early to see results from the fusion surgery. She told me to start physical therapy and to take a muscle relaxer three times per day. She also recommended that I start a 'headache prevention' medication. Well, I've been there - done that. I'm not interested in loading up on medications that may or may not work and that take weeks, if not months, to start working. I'm just not going to do it again!

So, I've started PT, I've been going twice per week. I really enjoy the massage part of the PT. I'm trying to keep up with the exercises that my therapist has suggested. I'm also taking the flexeril three times a day. Its making me a bit sleepy durring the day, but I guess that's a side effect that I'll have to deal with for a while.

My doctor said that I can come back in 3 months if I'm not getting better. I think I'll be calling and emailing them by then, not traveling that far again unless they convince me its necessary!


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