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Monday, 21 August, 2006
Now Open Source
by nate

One of the benefits of moving away from a pure Zope site is that it's really easy to integrate other apps. Tonight I added ViewVC and Subversion, two ways to look at my source code. The first is good for browsing my source code, the second allows you to check out your own copy. There isn't a whole lot there at the moment. I was tracking COREBlog development for a while and I have some changes in there. There is a TiVo project I started, but didn't get far on. And finally there is the source code for the new web site.


Your Crazy Aunt Peg said on Sep 2 at 12:20 p.m.:


as usual Nate I read this stuff only to find that I feel like a complete idiot. A monkey doing a math problem. I love you but just once I would like to know what the **** your talking about. Miss you