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Monday, 11 September, 2006
Feeling Handy
by nate

If you've ever watched The Red Green Show then you should know the phrase "If they don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy." Today I think I proved that I'm handy. The power nozzle on our vacuum stopped working this weekend. As soon as you turned it on it would stop and act like it was jammed. I took the power nozzle apart and found that one of the bearings in the brush had frozen up. A quick Google search for the part number on the side of the bearing showed that I could easily buy one online for $3.95. For such a small part I didn't really want to pay the shipping. I openned up the phone book and found that there was a "Bearings" category and Gopher Bearing had an ad that stated "Open to Public." I emailed them to make sure they had the part and picked up two bearings today for $2.90 each. I installed the bearings this evening and am happy to say the power nozzle works great.


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