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Sunday, 15 October, 2006
The Waiting Game Continues
by heather

I spoke with the nurse at TCI on Friday and got an email from Dr.B last night. They want to limit my activities so that I don't do anything that could aggravate my neck or head. I'm also going to have physical therapy 3 times per week instead of the once a week that I have been doing. I'm supposed to try to avoid lifting anything heavier than a gallon of milk. This is going to be tough since I'm working in day care and often times I have children that need to be held.

The waiting game continues. I'm supposed to spend the next couple months trying to get my muscle spasms under control before they can diagnose what else may be going on. The good news is that Dr.B said that when I have my follow-up appointment in a few months I can schedule it with him! I had told him how dissapointed I was with my last appointment there so I actually get to see him. It is not common for him to see returning patients because he is so busy with new patient consults and surgeries.

So, once again as I wait, my life will be on hold. I'm trying to be patient and positive, really, I am!


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