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Wednesday, 25 October, 2006
Bland Diet
For Baxter
by heather

Baxter has been having some stomach problems and the vet has recommended that after fasting for 24 hours, he go on a bland diet for a few days. This will consist of rice and hamburger. Let's hope he doesn't become a picky eater after a few days of this 'home cookin'. Also lets hope he doesn't drive me crazy in the next 24 hours acting hungry. Ever since he started his seizure medication, he has acted like we are starving him. The vet did say this was a side effect of the medication and will go away in a couple months. He will get his first meal of rice and hamburger tomorrow.


Heather said on Nov 2 at 12:51 p.m.:

Feeling better

Baxter is feeling better. He really liked the beef and rice dinner! We are still mixing a small amount into his dry dog food. He'll only get that for a couple more meals though. Then its back to the plain old dry food.