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Saturday, 30 December, 2006
Quiet Week Off
by nate

I've been on "vacation" all week as part of Red Hat's annual holiday shutdown. I don't feel like I've done much all week. I intended to get some work done on a few programming projects, but alas, I procrastinated. Today I did a little bit of work on the layout of the web site. It should finally look right for all of you Internet Explorer users. I gave in and added a table to get the sidebar and content spaces in the right place. I really wanted to do the layout without using tables, but CSS just doesn't have a sane way to make it work on all browsers.

The week started out with Christmas on Monday. Heather and I were quite impressed with the number of presents under out tree. Our families sent a ton of presents. Thank you. After openning our presents, we stuffed and dipped a bunch of eclairs to take over to Deb and Jeff's for brunch. We spent the middle of the day there then took Baxter to the dog park for some exercise.

Tuesday we relaxed around the house. I probably spent too much time playing my new game Burnout: Revenge. Wednesday we dropped Heather's Mazda 5 off at the dealership and drove up to Albertville to do some post-Christmas bargain shopping. We found some great deals at Banana Republic and picked up some new shoes at Sketchers.

Thursday I returned a pair of gloves that Mom bought me at Lands End. Sorry, Mom I was really impressed with the return process. When they pick items for an order, they slap on a label each item. They can punch in a number from the label to look up the entire order. They put the balance on a gift card while I looked around the store. I ended up using the gloves to subsidize a new Primaloft pillow. Hopefully my neck won't ache so much in the morning.

Friday I spent most of the day playing video games. In the evening Heather and I went to a party in White Bear Lake. My friend Dean got married this fall and moved into a new house. His in-laws decided to throw a party to celebrate in his new house.


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