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Tuesday, 23 January, 2007
Cookie Creations
by heather
/media/images/flowerpot.JPG /media/images/bear.JPG

I baked some cut-out cookies in the shapes of flowers to send to a couple people. I sent the flowerpot to my grandmother. She is in the hospital because she fell and broke her pelvis. I sent the bear holding flowers to a little girl named Abi. She lives here in the TwinCities and has been struggling with chiari and chiari related complications. She will be having surgery Feb.7. I thought the bear and cookies might cheer her up.


Cheryl said on Jan 27 at 04:13 p.m.:

Cookie Bear

Hello Heather!

Oh wow, the bear with the cookies is so cool! It is SO neat that you made that for Abi. She will love it.

Remember me from our Chiari support meeting last fall--Cheryl. I look at your site every once in a while. My son wants me to try the soup recipe.

We have visited Abi and her family twice in recent weeks. Anna went once and gave her some posters and hung them in Abi's room. You can see the posters in Abi's photo.

Anna is doing so so. We went to see Dr. Frim in December. As far as he can tell, her shunt is working. So we keep hoping the right medication will some day help with all the pain.

I see Wendy is having a really hard time. My heart goes out to everyone who suffers from Chiari and Pseudotumor Cerebri.


Heather said on Jan 27 at 07:47 p.m.:

'Cookie' the Bear

I got a nice card from Abi and her family. Abi has named the bear 'Cookie'. How cute! If you would like to read her story, go to
Her Mom, Tracie is a wonderful writer and she would appreciate your comments and prayers.