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Tuesday, 30 January, 2007
Chiari Update
by heather

I thought it was time for an update on my health...could be boring, so just skip this entry if you choose! I've had extreme pain in my head, neck and lower back for months now. I'm getting more numbness and tingling in my arms and legs too. At times, the pain is so bad that it makes me sick to my stomach. I will be going to see Dr.B at TCI in NY on February 15 for another surgical consult. I will be having a full workup before the appointment with MRIs of my entire spine and brain and multiple xrays. They are trying to figure out what is causing the continued pain. I sure hope they figure something out. I've had to quit my job because it was too demanding physically. I'm back to the point where I can't do much and really have to pace myself. I know that if I do too much, I'm going to pay for it either later that day, or the next day. So, I'm going to lay low for the next couple weeks until my appointment. I'll update later when I know more.


Roz said on Jan 31 at 06:34 a.m.:

you are so close to Dr. Menenez in Iowa city why not see him

Heather said on Feb 7 at 11:13 a.m.:


I went to TCI after a failed decompression from a non-chiari expert. I wanted to go to the 'best' so to say. I actually didn't even look into any of the other chiari experts in the country (there are very few). Now that I've had surgery at TCI and am still having problems, I am open to going somewhere else. I'm going to see what Dr.B at TCI has to recommend (my appointment is Feb.15). If he thinks I need more surgery, I may go to see Dr.Menezes at the University of Iowa for a second opinion. He is in-network for insurance and is only a few hour drive from here. I do want to see what Dr.B thinks though.

Long story short - I may very well go see Dr.Menezes for a second opinion. Thanks for the recommendation, Roz!