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Tuesday, 13 February, 2007
Long Day of Travel
by heather

Today I flew from Minneapolis to Maine, through Detroit. Then I flew from Maine to JFK. Mom and I were going to fly to JFK Wednesday morning, but they were already canceling flights due to the snow storm on its way so we decided we better get to New York ahead of the storm so that I don't miss my appointments at TCI. So, we are here in NY. We'll be headed to the Variety House tomorrow and then my appointments are still scheduled for Thursday. My connection in Detroit was so tight that I had to run to catch the plane. My bag didn't make the connection, so its due to get to Portland tonight around 11pm. Then they will get it to me tomorrow somehow. It has been a long crazy day!


Kristi said on Feb 14 at 05:44 p.m.:

Heather, so glad to hear you made it to New York. I am praying for you and that all will go well with your appointments.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Kathy grover said on Feb 15 at 08:41 p.m.:

I hope you are able to find some reason for your head pain. Hope the doctor can come up with a solution. Take care
Kathy Grover