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Thursday, 7 April, 2005
sleepless nights
...yet another symptom of Chiari
by heather

I need to think of something really booring to do in hopes that it will make me fall asleep. Any ideas would be apreciated!

The docs say that insomnia is a symptom on Chiari. I can't figure out if I'm not sleeping due to insomnia or just because of the pain in my head. Either way, its frustrating.

Only 10 more days till the big day. Lets hope the Surgeon doesn't come down with the flu or something in the next few days! Lets also hope he doesn't drink too much coffee on the day of my surgery...we don't want his hands to be shaky!

Well, I've tried counting the bumps on the popcorn ceiling, but that didn't work...any suggestions on how I can quickly drift off into a wonderful nights sleep??


Katherine Jeffords said on Apr 8 at 08:22 a.m.:

i have a couple of textbooks and medical journals that may do the trick!!!
i love you, katherine

Heather said on Apr 13 at 07:42 a.m.:

I found the cure...Work a 13 hour day!!
I slept like a log last night :)