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Wednesday, 30 May, 2007
She's up!
by nate

It took us a while to get her sitting up. She didn't have any problems with a low pressure headache as she was sitting up. It was more that we were distracted with her roommate and watching TV while we were doing it. As Heather got to 60 degrees erect she started getting really uncomfortable. We didn't know what to do to make her more comfortable then the physical therapist showed up.


We got her to sit at the edge of her bed, then stood up. She walked a short ways down the hall, then back to her room to sit down in the chair. I got a shot of her smiling in the chair, but the lighting isn't good so I put the picture of her walking on the front page.


Mom Straz said on May 30 at 04:55 p.m.:

Heather, you must be the strongest woman I know. Out of bed, sitting, and walking the day after surgery. You look beautiful sitting in that chair. Way to go girl!

Louis said on May 30 at 05:05 p.m.:

Nice to see you walking

Hi Heather, great to see you walking. This picture is very encouraging that all will go well with the surgery.

Leslie said on May 30 at 05:10 p.m.:

So, what was the distraction with the roommate? Good to see you up and about Heather! The updates are great Nate!

Caleb and Dad said on May 30 at 08:47 p.m.:

Heather, it is really nice to see you up and smiling! I think that picture is great.I can hardly believe you are up and walking so soon, but Nate's pictures are the proof.Tomorrow- more oatmeal-yum!You are doing great!-Dad hi HEVA!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so glad to see your up! are you sure its okay if we come out in June??? i cant wait to see you again! tonight we won our 2nd baseball game! i got 2 hits and got a foul off a guy who pitched 3000000 miles per hour love you otis says hi!! CALEB THE GREAT!!!! #1! @ WAYNE!!

Amanda said on May 30 at 10:00 p.m.:

You look great Heather! I envy your strength and determination! One look at that IV in your arm makes me want to hurl; I hate needles! Wanna run down to Memorial Gym and work out? (remember that night with Kat and running back to Estabrooke?) :-)

Kathy Grover said on May 30 at 11:38 p.m.:


You are doing great!! The photos are wonderful, Nate. Keep the news coming on the blog. Heather, you look very good in the photos and not like someone who has just had surgery. Take care and keep up the good progress.
Dave and Kathy

Lacie said on May 31 at 08:52 a.m.:


Heather, you are an inspiration to me! Seeing your positive attitude and determination to recover quickly has inspired me to go ahead and get my TC surgery done sooner rather than later!

ginnie and scott said on May 31 at 09:02 a.m.:

Great to hear that your surgery went well and you are up and about. Thinking of you- hope all proceeds well.
Ginnie and Scott

Beth said on May 31 at 09:56 a.m.:

Tyler's mom

HI, I came accross your page as Iw as researching CM. My 2 year old son was dx 10 days ago and is set to have surgery at the Cleveland Clinic on Tuesday. I had some questions- maybe when you have a moment, I know you are busy. you can email me? I apprecaite it and will be hoping for a speedy recovery :) Thanks, Beth from Ohio