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Friday, 8 April, 2005
1st Nightmare about Surgery
...I knew it would happen sometime..
by heather

Yes, that is right, I had my first nightmare about my surgery last night. Actually, I didn't even get to the surgery, it was just the first dose of anesthesia that made me go into a seizure and gasp for air. I woke up gasping for air and I was to scared to go back to sleep. At least it was 5am and I had to get up in an hour anyway, so I got up and had some breakfast. I switched on the TV and there was nothing on except the Pope's funeral. I'm sorry, but I'm just not interested in watching that...perhaps I should have recorded it though, for those nights that I need something to help me get to sleep!


Connie Nelson Ahlberg said on Apr 12 at 12:49 p.m.:

Hi, Heather...
The pope's funeral got long even for him!

I'm doing/going to do what's called tonglen breathing wherein you breathe in the suffering of another. This is a Buddhist "prayer" to me.

So along with Catholic (lets say Universal) prayers, I'll be also saying as I take a breath:

"May Heather be relieved of suffering and all causes of suffering." Okay?!

I support you totally for your courage and conviction. I'm with you all the way. There can be good in adversity--as the Buddhists believe it opens our hearts to the suffering of others and your friends, family and co-workers rally to support you with loving-kindness.

You go, Girl! Heather Rocks!
Lovingly, Connie

Ginnie, Scott, Sam, Sarah and Jonathan said on Apr 17 at 08:34 p.m.:

Your mother informed us of the upcoming surgery the day before we left for a trip to Japan, hence the delay in contacting you. However while we were there we visited a Buddhist Shrine where we prayed to the Health God by burning sacred inscense. We wish you a successful operation and a speedy recovery. Our thoughts are with you in these days ahead.