News about Nathan and Heather Straz

Thursday, 31 May, 2007
Recovery Update 2
by nate

Heather is still progressing well today. She's walking around more. The catheter is out and she is off the pain pump. They think she will be discharged on Friday. I checked flights and Tuesday morning is $60 per ticket cheaper than Monday, so we're going to wait until then to fly back to Minnesota. I still need to figure out how we're going to get to JFK. Can anyone recommend a car or limo service?


kathy grover said on May 31 at 07:15 p.m.:


I am enjoying the updates. Keep up the fast recovery. You seem like you are doing very well. We in Virginia will keep praying for your release tomorrow

caleb and dad said on May 31 at 08:07 p.m.:

Hi Heather,it's amazing to me how quickly you are getting up and around- you are one tough cookie!Out on Friday seems so short a time.Nate, I think you should make lots of copies of that picture!Don't forget to eat your oatmeal- and don't try to do too much too soon.Much love,Dad
Hi Heather here's a poem for you- I'm going out to clean the pasture spring;
I'll only stop to rake the leaves away
(And wait to watch the water clear,I may):
I sha'n't be gone long.-You come too.

I'm going out to fetch the little calf That's standing by the mother. It's so young It totters when she licks it with her tongue.
I sha'n't be gone long.-You come too.

Hope you like it!! Glad you're up!!

Mom Straz said on May 31 at 08:50 p.m.:

What great news! I'm glad you will have some additional time in NY after discharge so you can get stronger before the flight home. Though you will be back in MN ahead of schedule, Baxter won't mind returning from camp a little early.

Matt Francescotti said on May 31 at 09:29 p.m.:

Best wishes

Nate & Heather,

I'm so glad that recovery is going well! Hopefully the walking will turn to climbing some day soon!! I can't wait to be able to see both of you at another CU reunion atop another mountain in the ADK park! Now that's how to have a picnic lunch!!!

Best wishes on a speedy recovery,
-Matt, Annette, and "Little Miss Wiggles" (coming soon!)

Kristi said on May 31 at 10:02 p.m.:

Hi Heather & Nate!
Wow girl, you are doing amazing! Nate, thanks for all the updates and pictures. We continue to pray for a speedy recovery! Let us know if you need a ride home from the airport...
With love,

Russell Nelson said on Jun 1 at 12:22 a.m.:

You should be fine taking a taxi out to JFK. Just call a taxi service to pick you up. If Heather needs a wheelchair in the airport I'm sure the ticketing desk can help you. As long as she can transfer into the taxi from the hospital's wheelchair (and you KNOW they're gonna wheel her down in one) and then walk far enough to a chair in the terminal (whilst you get the wheelchair), you'll be okay. Best of luck.

Starcia said on Jun 1 at 07:19 a.m.:

Hi Heather- Glad to see you are doing so great. You look great too.I cant believe you are progressing so quickly and healing so well. Keep up the good work Heather. Hello Nate thank you for being such a HUGE support for Heather!! I love you guys. Your little sister Starcia

Bev said on Jun 1 at 08:20 a.m.:

Wayne friend

Our prayers have been with you during your surgery and now, as you recover. Thanks to Nate for the updates on your progress. So glad to hear you're progressing well. Continued wellness to you, Heather. Your Wayne friends are sending healing thoughts and prayers your way! Love, Bev

Louis said on Jun 1 at 08:45 a.m.:

Hi Heather

Hey Heather and Nate, such great news. I cannot believe being released this quickly, excellent recovery on your part Heather. This is a sign of a very strong and determined person. Keep going. See you soon.

Katherine in SC said on Jun 1 at 09:56 a.m.:

I am excited that you are recovering so fast! That is wonderful! I hope you feel well enough to talk soon.

Steve and Carlinda Dirks said on Jun 1 at 07:47 p.m.:

Greetings from Tucson

Chuck called yesterday to let us know that you have had this recent surgery. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you in your recovery. From your site it seems as though that is progressing well; you and Nate do an excellent job of keeping things posted and up to date. Steve has been having allergy issues, so that has slowed him down considerably, but they pale in comparison to your recent medical challenges. We just look forward to the day when all this will be forever behind you; there are a lot of people thinking about you and praying for you. Best regards to Nate.
Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery, Steve and Carlinda