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Sunday, 3 June, 2007
From the Horse's mouth!
by heather

Even though Nate did a great job updating everyone on my recovery, I thought it was time for me to add an entry. I've been out of the hospital for about 30 hours now. This is the first time I've felt like I could make the trip across the street to have internet access.

I'm still having the low pressure headaches if I'm up too long. Drinking plenty of fluids is helping though. Tonight I'm going to have to force myself to drink water through the night because this morning when I got up after sleeping for about 10 hours, I had the worst low pressure headache yet. I drank a liter of water and a large cup of coffee in the first hour that I was up and that helped. The rest of the day I've been able to be up a couple hours before I feel it start.

I thought I should explain what a 'low-pressure' headache (LPH)is since we have been using that term alot. Its the same headache I got after the two spinal taps that I've had in the past. For thoes, I had a blood patch to fix it. It happens when there is not enough spinal fluid in the system, or if there is a leak. Going into this surgery, we knew that it was a possibility that I could have this LPH because they have to open the dura and some spinal fluid drains when they do this. A LPH feels like my head is going to emplode. Laying flat helps to relieve the pain and drinking lots of fluids helps speed the process of regenerating spinal fluid.

Its amazing how many mundane tasks use the muscles in the lower back! I'm learning that the back muscles have to be worked in almost every motion. I'm thankful that I did core strengthning before the surgery, because I think it really helped me and will continue to help with my recovery. I still can't roll over in bed or put my shoes and socks on, but I've learned to adapt and ask Nate for help :)

Tomorrow we will stay at the Variety House and rest and drink lots of fluids. We will be flying home Tuesday morning, assuming I can keep the LPH at bay!

Thanks for all the comments, it really was great when Nate would come visit me with pages of printed comments.


caleb and dad said on Jun 3 at 09:19 p.m.:

Hi Heather and Nate. I just got Caleb into bed after a baseball game in the drizzle that ended about 8:00. His team did quite well against a tough opponent and caleb did another fine job pitching.I just wanted to say hi and that I am glad that you continue to progress although I know it is tough going. I hope that knowing that all of us are pulling for you and keeping you in our prayers helps.I hope all those fluids will do the job before you have to travel- one more liter of Mountain Dew should do the trick!Thinking of you both, love from Dad and Caleb

Kristi said on Jun 3 at 10:48 p.m.:

I am so happy to hear you are doing well, besides those low pressure headaches. I am looking forward to you coming home. I got your phone message, sorry I missed you. Continually praying for you,
Kristi :)

Mom Straz said on Jun 4 at 07:26 a.m.:

Heather, that 10 hours of sleep must have felt like heaven. Sorry it didn't help with the spinal fluid regeneration, however. Hope you were able to get lots of fluids last night and some sleep too. We'll pray that the LPH's are gone today so you can wing it home tomorrow.

kathy grover said on Jun 4 at 07:53 a.m.:

WOW!! Walking across the street from Variety House. That's sounds like great progress. Will you need to stay in NY if the headaches continue on Monday?
Take care,

Katherine in SC said on Jun 4 at 08:29 a.m.:

Glad to know you are getting to go home soon! I hope the headaches get better. I can't imagine how that feels, but I know mine are aweful! Please call me after you get home when you feel like talking. Or I can call you, but I don't want to bother you if you aren't feeling well. Love you!