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Sunday, 3 February, 2008
by nate

We got a new toy this week, a Nintendo Wii. I got a small taste of one at Dug and Sharon's house after Christmas. That was enough to turn "Ooo, shiney," into "Gotta get me one of these." After watching Wii Tracker for a few weeks and reading the forum I decided to just preorder a bundle from I ended up spending more than I should have, but that's what bonuses are for, right?

After going back to GameStop to exchange a few items in the bundle I ended up with the console, two sets of remote with nunchuck, the classic controller, a 1G SD card, Wii Sports, Wii Play, Mario and Sonic at the Olympics, Super Mario Galaxy, and 2000 points to spend on virtual console games at the Wii Store. I think that should keep me entertained for a few months.


Amanda said on Feb 6 at 08:03 p.m.:

Nate, you have to get Guitar Hero III: legends of Rock for Wii. Pat and I have it and it is SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jon said on Feb 23 at 07:20 p.m.:

I agree, you MUST get Guitar Hero III. You can play online against or with people you know.

I didn't see you guys online today, so here's my Wii #: 5592767813078924. Once i start feeling better i'll send a message your way. take care!