News about Nathan and Heather Straz

Sunday, 29 March, 2009
by heather

I've been taking painting lessons off and on since November. I have started many projects, but this is the first on that I finished!! I'm really enjoying the class. Mom and I are going to AC Moore for our class on Friday evenings. Its a fun way to spend time with Mom and create some artwork!


Linda said on Apr 1 at 10:09 a.m.:

Nice job! Colors remind me of the pillows and drapes brought from Lakeville. Keep up the painting.

Katherine in SC said on Apr 6 at 08:45 a.m.:

That's great! I used to paint. It was fun.

Kathy Grover said on May 29 at 07:25 p.m.:


That is beautiful!! Painting is fun!
Kathy Grover

Sarah Straz said on Jun 18 at 08:11 p.m.:

I love it Heather! You will fill your house with your own artwork before you know it!

Kristi Redler said on Jun 30 at 12:10 p.m.:

Heather, that is awesome! I wish I could be creative like should definitely keep that up! Looks like something I would find at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Way to go girl!!