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Sunday, 24 April, 2005
Home Sweet Home
by heather

I've now been home for two days and I'm very glad about that. I've been resting more than I like, but I guess that's the way its going to be for a while. I think I'll start some small craft projects tomorrow. Maybe I'll do some scrap booking since that's something I can start and stop any time I may need a nap. Any suggestions for short, non strenious activities to help pass the time?


Kent said on Apr 25 at 09:17 a.m.:

Puzzles. You know, picture puzzles. The starting and stoping when you want is nice.

Today, you may get a chance to stare out at the rain and watch the grass grow.

I hope your recovery goes VERY WELL & SPEEDY!

Maybe you can meet us for lunch later on...