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Thursday, 19 May, 2005
Big step forward....little step back
Thats the way recovery goes
by heather

I really can't be more happy about how my surgery went and how my recovery is going. I guess since I'm one of thoes people who can't just sit around for weeks on end, I should have known the recovery wouldn't be 100% in the right direction.

I went to see Dr.Davis yesterday because of major neck pain and a new pressure feeling in my head. I was also experiencing nausea and hot/cold spells. I was totally parinoid that it might be an infection, but Dr.Davis assured me that my inscision looks great and he doubts that I would have an infection.

So, his responce to my symptoms: I probably tore some internal stiches and I'm getting muscle spasms from that. Also, I might be fighting a touch of the flu. He did say to watch it and he wants to see me next week to be sure he didn't miss anything.

Lets hope for the flu and not an infection!!


Steve Ddirks said on May 23 at 04:40 p.m.:

Heather: Chuck called today with your Web site address, so we have been updated on your progress toward complete recovery. That is great news; that you were finally able to get an accurate diagnosis and that the surgery is now successfully completed! We viewed the post-op photo and it looked pretty good to us. At any rate, best wishes for a complete and speedy recovery. Sometimes it is diffuclt not to overdo things, so just take it easy, you have had quite a readjustment to the system. Regards to Nate.

Steve and Carlinda Dirks, Tucson, Arizona