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Tuesday, 24 May, 2005
Meet the new puppy
by nate

Heather has been bugging me for ages to get a dog. She wanted to get one after she finished school. Some how I was able to delay it. In the past few weeks she's gotten very insistent that we get a puppy. Yesterday she found a couple puppies on the Internet and started making phone calls. While I didn't think it was a great idea with a three week road trip planned for June-July, I couldn't tell her, "No." I tried, but not very hard. She went and picked him up today.

He's a 10 week old Sheltie/Lab mix. The poor guy doesn't have a name yet so any suggestions would be appreciated. Read more for a picture from today.


Here is our new puppy playing with his toy carrot on our driveway.


kathy grover said on May 25 at 03:59 p.m.:

Dear Nate & Heather,

Cute pup! What are you going to do with him while you are on your trip? Big paws means big dog or is it just the photo. I am not a cat or dog lover and I have bad allergy problems when I am in and around pets for very long. I have just seen so much pet damage in real estate that I just don't like pets nor would I want to be tied down to one. Glad you seem happy with him and the photo is cute.