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Saturday, 28 May, 2005
Wireless Equipment Sucks
by nate

Thursday night Heather and Derek started having trouble connecting to the Wireless Access Point, a Linksys WAP11. After fiddling with it for a few hours it finally went ka-put. I've tried to reset the thing a hundred times and I can't talk to it at all. It started digging around for customer support and I'm afraid I might be SOL. After digging through my credit card I found that I probably bought it back in December. I probably don't have my receipt because I sent in a rebate. Although I still have the box, I don't have the UPC because that went in with the rebate. Ugh!

This is the second piece of wireless equipment that's died on me in the last year. The previous piece was a Netgear MA521. I'll admit that the stuff is neat when it works, but IMHO, that doesn't last long. I'll take a nearby ethernet jack over Wifi any day.


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