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Friday, 12 November, 2004
Clarkson Reunion 2005
by nate

I received a notice in the mail today about our five year Clarkson reunion. Is it July 7-10, 2005. It would be great to see some of those people you never expected to see again, but is it worth going to? Has anyone else made a decision yet if they are going to go or not? Who would you like to see again?

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Here is who I would like to see again [1] :

Mike Akers, Marshall Hayden, Kevin Makles, and Ryan Esty
Always a fun group of guys to hang out with and do tech stuff with. I read Mike's blog periodically. We took a trip to North Caronlina to the 5th (and last) Linux Expo and we saw Linus at the first LinuxWorld New York. Great memories!
My advisor. I regret not meeting him for breakfast the day before graduation. What can I say? I didn't like getting up early in the morning and I still don't. My bad.
Kelly Turner
We had a lot of classes together. At graduation she didn't know what she was going to do with her math degree. I wonder what she ended up doing.
Charlene Sickler
She was one of those people that would make me smile, no matter how grouchy I was, just by passing by in the hallway and saying, "Hi." I think she was heading to the D.C. area to use her Environmental Science and Policy degree.
Ben Stein
Ben skipped the first year of C.S. like I did. He was a really smart guy, but I think he has a big StarCraft addiction. I didn't see him in class much senior year. I hope he's done well for himself.
[1]Before the guys that I saw this summer say, "Hey! Don't you want to see us again?" YES I DO. The thing is, I know I'll see you again. We keep in touch. I don't know what these people are up to anymore.


Aaron said on Nov 21 at 08:43 p.m.:

Well, I'm not going. Too much to do here, and the people I really want to see I already keep in touch with (all of you, basically).