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Saturday, 3 September, 2005
Lost my cell phone
by nate

Last weekend when we were at Mall of America I lost my cell phone. I think it fell out of my pocket when I was trying on shoes at DSW. By the time I realized it was gone it was over an hour later. I went back to everywhere I had been and asked, but no one had found it. What really sucks is that I probably had 40 phone numbers on there and I don't know which ones I didn't have anywhere else.

After I got home I called T-Mobile and suspended it. They let me know that someone had made a call on it after I had lost it and gave me the number. They don't expect that I will get it back, but to try calling the number to let the person know that their friend was using a stolen phone. I did. I was able to talk to a mother who said it was probably someone calling her children. I'm guessing that some kid found it, thought "Cool, a free phone." then threw it out after it stopped working. I have 30 days to re-activate my phone number before I get hit with cancelation charges.


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