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Saturday, 3 September, 2005
Viewsonic PS790 lasts 6 years
by nate

Back in college I had a 15" monitor that just wouldn't die. It started giving me problems when I was a sophomore. By my senior year I decided to stop waiting and buy a replacement. I bought myself a 19 inch Viewsonic PS790 with dual inputs. Yesterday it made a new snapping sound and the picture went away for a few seconds. When I turned it on this morning it made the snapping sound and wouldn't produce an image. I decided to order a Dell 1905FP (20% off through Labor Day). I'm using one of these at work and I really like it. I wanted to get something that had a DVI input so when I finally upgrade my PC, I can go all digital. Until that arrives, I'm suffering on an old 14" monitor that can only do 800x600.


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