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Sunday, 13 November, 2005
Winter Weather!!
Snow is better than prozac
by heather

The weather gurus around here are saying that we should get 4-8 inches of snow Monday into Tuesday. When I heard the news I wanted to run outside and do a snow dance. I refrained, but may have to do it tomorrow! I'm looking forward to using my new skiis that I bought 3 years ago that I've never used! Anyone know the snow dance? I've kinda forgot it since I havn't thought about it since highschool ski seasons.


Starcia said on Nov 14 at 10:59 a.m.:

Hi Heather... I don't know the snow dance but I know someone who would but he is up in heaven. So just pray to dave I guess!!!! I am glad that it is going to snow there and not here!!!!! I am not looking forward to snow this year. now that our childhood snowmobile days are over I don't really care for snow. I wonder how Baxter will like the snow. YOu will have to put a picture of him playing in the snow on here for all of us to see. I hope that all is well with you. I am having carpal tunnal surgery on my left hand on December 15th, that is not going to be any fun. well I guess that is enough for now. I love you and miss you sis. Tell Nate that I said hello.