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Tuesday, 22 November, 2005
Test and Wait
by heather

Yesterday I had a CT, 4 MRIs, and an xray. We spent the better part of the afternoon at the Diagnostic Imaging center. This morning I got a call and they asked me to come to the Chiari Institute (TCI) at 10am instead of 1pm. So, I thought this would be great since we have a 4 hour drive ahead of us tonight. So, we are here, but it looks like they weren't able to move all my apointmnets up, so we'll still be here all day and into the evening. I'll be going in to meet with the nurse soon and then it will be time to find some breakfast/lunch. We drove around here on the way looking for a Dunkin Donuts, which seem to be on every other corner, but couldn't find one! More updates to come!


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