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Sunday, 1 January, 2006
Surgery Dates
by heather

I finally have some dates set for my upcoming surgery. They are as follows:

Sunday, February 26 - Travel to New York

Monday, February 27 - Pre Op testing

Tuesday, February 28 - Invasive Traction

Wednesday, March 1 - Lumbar Puncture

Thursday, March 2 - VP shunt surgery

Monday, March 6 - Big surgery day. Fusion and/or decompression revision

Monday, March 13 - Staple removal

Tuesday, March 14 - Go home!

I won't have to stay overnight in the hospital for the testing, so not until after the shunt surgery. I also may be discharged for 1 or 2 nights after the shunt surgery and before the surgery on the 6th. I'll have to stay in the hospital for about 5 days after the big surgery. So, I'll have to stick around NY for a couple days until I can have my staples removed.


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