News about Nathan and Heather Straz

Tuesday, 24 January, 2006
by heather

Last week I was thinking about a blog entry that would include a list of things that really drive me crazy, or make me angry. I was having a particularly bad week and thought that venting on my blog would help. Then I went to church on Sunday and heard Pastor Mike talk about focusing on the blessings in life instead of the negative occurrences. He mentioned how easy it is to be brought down by thinking about the negative things in life. Pastor Mike challenged us all to think of 3 blessings per day and see if that changes the way we think about all the other events that go on in our day. So, here goes, three blessings for today:

  1. I have a very supportive husband. I couldn't ask for more support when dealing with my health issues!
  2. I have found doctors that are experts in treating patients with Chiari Malformations and they are going to operate on me in 5 weeks.
  3. I have a puppy and a bunny that both love to be pet. Petting an animal is a wonderful stress reliever!


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