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Tuesday, 8 May, 2007
R.I.P. Drive 105
by nate

The Twin Cities has an aweful record for keeping alternative rock stations on the air. Today I noticed that the latest one, Drive 105, is now off the air. It was replaced by Love 105. GAG! I guess I'll have to wait another six months for it to be replaced with another alternative rock station.

Update: There is a petition online to get Drive 105 back. Please go sign it.

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Saturday, 7 October, 2006
White and Nerdy
by nate

Weird Al has a new video out. I caught it on VH1 and had to show Heather. It's called "White and Nerdy" and it's hilarious.

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Saturday, 4 June, 2005
Modest Mouse at the Orpheum
by nate

Last night Heather and I went to see Modest Mouse at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis. They are an indie rock band with a complex yet clean punchy sound. I was really impressed that they had six people on stage including two drummers. It was really cool to see two drummers complementing each other.

I was disappointed that they played almost exclusively from their latest album, "Good News for People Who Love Bad News." They've released six albums and I was hoping to hear some of their older stuff. I also think an outdoor or standing room only arena event would be more fitting to their sound.

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