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Saturday, 2 September, 2006
Removed from the board
by nate

On Wednesday we had a special meeting of the homeowners of our townhouse association. The purpose of the meeting was to remove my wife, the president of the board up until the rescheduled regular meeting just prior to the special meeting, from the board. Heather had done nothing wrong. One of the board members had been removed from office two years ago and was getting his revenge. Heather was removed from the board.

I don't want to get into the whole back story because it would take too long and get me all worked up again. I had a really hard time sleeping Wednesday night because I was re-living the meeting in my head. I don't think I've ever been more angry about an issue and that includes the 2004 presidential election. I have to find ways to keep my mind occupied so I don't start thinking about the meeting and what I would have liked to say.

At this point our board can not be trusted. I think during the meeting we at least showed that the homeowners need to watch the board more closely. I was very disappointed when only one homeowner out of the 25 present volunteered to replace Heather on the board. The lack of participation shown is exactly the reason why the board got into the state it is today.


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