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Monday, 7 July, 2008
Normal Myelogram
by heather

It should be good news that the myelogram came back normal, but I'm not feeling like its very good news. A normal test to me just means more unanswered questions. The other issue is that Dr.B told me that the myelogram is not the best test to find a Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) leak so a negative result does not tell for certain that there is not a leak. So, I don't really know any more than I did before the test.


Cheryl said on Jul 27 at 09:00 p.m.:

Heather, I met you in Plymouth when we went for coffee with Brenda for our Chiari support meeting two years ago.

My daughter Anna has Chiari/whatever (and she is doing terrible). I'm sorry you are not doing well.

I just wanted to tell you there is a spinal fluid leak forum that is quite good. Google this:

"brain talk spinal fluid leak forum"

There are two nsgs who are experts in finding spinal fluid leaks. One is Dr. Mokri at Mayo (MN), and the other is a nsg at Cedars Sinai in CA.

If you start reading the forum, you will learn a lot.

Anna got a referral to Dr. Heffez in Milwaukee. So we'll see what he finds (if anything). He recently helped my friend's daughter who was just like Anna.


michele said on Aug 11 at 07:59 a.m.:

I have just recently come across your blog. I had fusion surgery in NY in March. My family and I are struggling a bit with the recovery process and trying to see how others and their families deal. Do you have any suggestions.

Hilmir Agustsson said on Aug 11 at 02:52 p.m.:

Course Writer

Heather, I am in the process of writing a chapter on CT scans for a book on imaging for physical therapists (McKinnis L (ed.) Fundamentals of Orthopedic Radiology, 3rd ed). I came across your CT scan of the posterior cervical spine and skull ( and I found it fascinating. I wanted to ask your permission to use it in the book. Your kind permission will be acknowledged.

Best wishes
Hilmir Agustsson, MHSc, DPT, MTC, CFC
Lead Course Writer
University of St. Augustine