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Friday, 20 October, 2006
Negative Ad Season
by nate

Congressional elections are coming up on a few weeks. Almost all of the commercials I hear these days are political. A majority of those are negative ads. Now I'm getting negative political advertisements in the mail. I just received my second one in the mail today from John Kline. It's not like I was going to vote for a republican this year, but for spamming my physical mail box with negative ads, I'm definitely going to vote Democratic this year.

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Wednesday, 3 November, 2004
Decision 2004
by nate
I stayed up longer than I probably should have last night. Watching Bush get up to 269 electoral votes was pretty depressing. On the flip side, it is a nice sunny day here in Minnesota. Unfortunately it just doesn't feel right. Is anyone else depressed that Bush won instead of Kerry?

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